Gold IRA – The Basics

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Growth Trend (2001 – 2013)

Before we explain how you can make it work for you, let’s talk about why it works.

If you would have invested $33,000 in 2001, the table below depicts how much the account would have grown in only 13 years (including all fees if having used this company):

Growth Factor

Was this a lucky time frame? Lets look back a bit further so we can approximate a future trend (see today’s spot prices and customize historic date ranges here):


David Einhorn Supports Gold IRAs

What Is A Gold IRA?

First let’s clarify what a traditional IRA entails. IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account (more details) and is not typically associated with an employer (apart from an SEP) as opposed to other forms of retirement accounts. Other forms of retirement accounts commonly also receive contributions from the employer or are designed for the self-employed (see a full list here).

Gold ingots isolated on white backgroundAn IRA generally requires investing in funds such as:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • And other financial markets

However, the US government now allows retirement accounts to be held in physical assets  such as precious metals (as opposed to intangible financial markets).

NOTE: The retirement accounts listed here (including a traditional IRA) can easily be rolled over into a precious metals IRA by a custodian (which is simply a government-recognized financial institution as required by the IRS).

Why Choose Gold For Your IRA?

Gold – did you know that you can buy approximately the same amount of basic necessities with one ounce of gold today as the ancient Egyptians could 6000 years ago?

  • April 5th, 1933 – In Executive Order 6102, President Franklin D. Roosevelt buys all (but a small amount) of gold bullion and gold coins and pays $20.67 per Troy ounce (worth over $372.75 today = 1803.34% inflation of the US dollar). FDR forbids hoarding of gold with penalties of fines up to $10,000 and/or 10 years in imprisonment. Why?
  • August 15th, 1971 – President Nixon moves away from the gold standard and the US dollar is no longer backed by physical assets. Again… why?

Seth Klarman Quote On Inflation

Okay… you’re not here for rhetoric and… Honestly we’re not here to sell you on the idea of investing in precious metals or how to optimize your retirement portfolio.

Chances are you’ve already made the gradual but educated decision to invest in hard assets. Fair enough?

So one question remains, how can you leverage such a significant change into the best possible outcome for your future and the security of your family?

voted#1-smallWho offers the most competitive rates and best overall service for 2014?

Find out who took SACDC’s #1 spot or compare all of the top 9 gold dealers we have researched and thoroughly reviewed.

Change – Whether we like it or not, times are changing. Legalities changed, financial markets changed, and the quality and reputation of businesses have… well… changed.

When was the last time you bought a fridge that still works like it should after ten years?

The quality of the vast majority of products and services of today are not what they were in our baby boomer age. Although, that infomercial you saw at 7 o’clock this morning sure made you think differently for a split second before you reminded yourself it’s all just hype though… didn’t it?

Bullion vs. Coins Disaster

Did you know there are different laws regulating gold IRA investing in bullion vs. coins regarding retirement?

This minute detail deeply affected Dr. Julius Bazan (Czech immigrant now working in the US as a neurologist) as he lost $60,000 of his $140,000 retirement account practically overnight. He was advised to roll it over into coins by a large, well-known gold IRA company.

We’re aware that this is the age of uncertainty and change, but we can absolutely do more than just hope for the best!

A Smart vs. Wise Decision?

With the continuous devaluation of the dollar, more and more people are making the smart decision to secure a major portion of their assets in something that has made the world go ’round for over 6000 years. However, smart decision can still have a detrimental outcome without the proper knowledge. It’s time hard working Americans make an educated and wise decision.

We’re here to help make this a bit less daunting, scary, and complex, but ultimately the decision will be up to you. Don’t worry! It’s never set in stone and we’ll make it easy to receive help from various experts without any obligation. Capitalism and competition still rules in favor of you the consumer.

Where Does SACDC Fit In?

We’ve simply created this page to reveal unbiased information with respect to the top gold IRA companies in the US (unfortunately we will not review companies outside of the US). We have worked diligently to investigate and research all the available options (and there are quite a few) and have found unexpected and significant differences.

Reviewed Stamp With LogoTo our surprise, a vast number of consumers (who have worked hard for their money nearly their entire lives) are being mislead, mistreated, perplexed, and/or simply ripped off when it comes to making one of the most important financial decisions – retirement investing (with the aforementioned gold coin incident being only one example).

Therefore, we’re proud to have you here at SACDC where we can facilitate the process of comparing and contrasting the different companies and options available to you. All of our reviews will be backed up by trusted and reputable sources, such as the Better Business Bureau, TrustLink, Forbes, Business Consumer Alliance, Market Watch, and many others.

Where Do You Start?

First and foremost, you will want to research all available options to you. This includes doing your homework on the top companies in the industry. We have attempted to make things easier by reviewing the best companies in depth. To view our results and quick comparison chart:

  1. Start Here!
  2. Read our detailed reviews
  3. Visit company websites and talk to them by phone

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  1. Margaret Wilkerson says:

    Wish I would’ve started back in 2001, but hey I’m confident still in investing in gold now since it’s only at $1275 per ounce. I heard it’s projected to get over $5000. What are you thoughts on that?

    • Jeroen Waning says:

      Hey Margaret,

      I have no doubt it will get that high, but the question is: when? Most experts project prices to triple within the next 5 to 10 years, but investing in precious metals should not be looked at as a get-rich-quick scheme obviously. Just like with your traditional IRA, you invest as early as you can and let it sit. Don’t pay attention to price drops or price jumps because that will just drive you crazy on a day-to-day basis. Precious metals are hard assets and most of them have vital utility in industry, so over the long-term, you can expect solid growth with a very high confidence level. The stability and growth potential of an IRA in gold (at least with a partial rollover at minium) is much more likely than a traditional or roth IRA where you allocate your funds in the fickle financial markets and mutual funds with high fees and high fiduciary risk. Adding gold bullion to your retirement portfolio eliminates fiduciary risk as long as you choose the right company (using our comparison page).

  2. Smithd497 says:

    This makes a lot more sense now. I’m glad I looked at your numismatics page because I was planning to invest in the American Buffalo gold coin and didn’t realize that it was not allowed for retirement by the IRS. I thinking choosing bullion will be the safest bet.

    • Jeroen Waning says:

      Yes, for retirement, it is highly recommended that you stick to bullion mostly. If you are a big fan of collectible coins, make sure you know which ones are allowed in a retirement fund, but maybe add just a handful if you feel like being a bit more aggressive and gambling a little bit. HOWEVER, do NOT let aggressive sales people talk you into converting your entire IRA into coins as this is a common and generally illegal sales strategy of which there are many recorded accounts of fraud with certain companies (where the details are in the individual reviews). Glad we could help!

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