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When considering investing in precious metals for retirement, the first step is to become familiar with the best gold IRA companies. Knowing that your money is secure in hard assets with a physical gold IRA using a trusted company will help to avoid a big headache, wasting time, and costly fees.

Along with independent research, SACDC trusts and relies on:

Trusted sources
Before you make a commitment, it is highly recommended that you:

  • Visit the websites of the companies and speak to a representative by phone to see how they conduct business
  • Take advantage of their free kit (if offered and there is no obligation)
  • Do not be reserved with your questions – ask them about their fees, reputation, and how your assets will be managed
  • Ensure they will buy your gold (or silver) back from you when you are ready
  • Bookmark this website if you need to come back to it at any time because you do not want to rush into any large financial transactions

Lets review the companies that have made the SACDC top 6 picks (updated Jan 2020):


The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Regal Assets. The content on this website, including the positive review of Regal Assets, the negative review of its competitors, and other information, may not be independent or neutral.


Gold & Silver IRA Companies Quick Review

Regal Assets Logoragold.org1-866-906-3023A+$0 Setup &
Low Flat Rate
Birch Gold Logobirchgold.com1-800-355-2116A+$90 Setup +
$160 Annual
Capital Gold Group Logostartwithgold.com1-800-510-9594A+Sliding Scale
United Gold Direct Logounitedgolddirect.com1-888-502-3222A+Sliding Scale
Rosland Capital Logoroslandcapital.com1-800-461-1246ANot Listed
California Numismatic Investments Logogolddealer.com1-800-225-7531A+Very high scaled

We’ve done our best to investigate all well-known precious metals dealers that offer IRA rollovers and transfers (in the US).

If you have questions of concerns about the companies that are listed here, please leave a comment below so that we may publicly answer your question so that we can help address the question or concern and make the feedback available to everyone.

However, if you have good reason to believe an other company should be added to our list and would like for us to conduct a full investigation and post the results here, you may leave a comment below as well or choose to contact us privately here.

SACDC’s Criteria For Reviews of Gold IRA Companies

NOTE: On this page, we use the term “gold IRA” and “silver IRA” interchangeably with regard to the mentioned companies as the terms essentially refer to the same thing with the exception of storage fees.

The following are some of the most significant criteria SACDC uses to rank, rate, and review the above listed companies. Please be sure to read the more in-depth individual reviews by clicking on the gold stars in the most right-hand column. For example:

Click here to review the #1 top rated company1ribbon

Research criteria

We have rated and ranked each of the top 9 companies based on the following criteria:

  • Instances and significance of government action/fraud charges
  • Other lawsuits/settlements
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating/complaints
  • TrustLink rating/customer reviews
  • Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) rating/complaints
  • Fees
  • Red flags on Consumer Reports, Ripoff Reports, Complaints Board, and Complaints List
  • Sales/marketing strategies & ethics
  • Customer service (complaints vs. positive remarks)
  • Honesty and transparency of telephone sales representatives
  • Length of operation (date established)
  • Promotion of bullion vs. numismatics
  • Recognition (Forbes, Inc 500, SmartMoney, MarketWatch, Bloomsberg, Reuters, etc)

Whether you have an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement account, a quick and simple gold IRA rollover can be facilitated using a custodian of your choice. Using a trusted and experienced gold dealer along with a recommended custodian can make the whole process hassle-free. After having done our due diligence and thorough interviews, the ease and security of the entire rollover or transfer process is yet another major factor why SACDC carefully chose the rankings in the table listed above. Click here to see who was voted #1 for rollovers and transfers1ribbon  

Types of Gold/Silver Rollovers & Transfers Allowed

The government now allows these types of retirement accounts to be rolled over or transferred into a physical gold or silver IRA:

  • IRA
  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Pension Plan
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Non-Prototype IRA
  • Beneficiary IRA

Like a traditional retirement account with tax benefits, a precious metals IRA must be held with an approved, third party institution. This means you still hold physical assets, but they must be stored by a third party (which is why we recommend this company because of security, lowest fees, buyback at spot price, and reputation with customers – 99.9% satisfaction rating and lowest complaint volume in the industry).

Bullion vs Coins

An important thing to consider in general when investing in precious metals is whether to go with coins (rounds) or bullion (bars). This is where a lot of fraud arises when companies push collectible, or numismatic, coins for customer to invest in for their retirement portfolio. It is very easy for an uneducated consumer to be fooled and believe sales representatives that numismatics are a great investment because they also hold collectible value on top of their inherent value as the precious metal itself. You must be careful here as numismatics (collectible gold/silver/platinum coins) are very risky for a couple of reasons:

  1. Limited types of numismatics allowed for IRAs
  2. Only hold additional value to specific and limited collectors (supply vs demand)

As an example, coins, known as “slabbed coins”,  like the American Eagle that have undergone certification are currently not allowed in any retirement plan. ABC News recently reported a customer becoming a victim of fraud and losing practically $60,000 overnight as they advised him to convert his entire $140,000 IRA into gold coins. This is not to say that you should avoid all precious metals coins all together and strictly go with bullion, but be sure to understand the risks of numismatics and that some are just not legally acceptable for retirement accounts. Read More Here On Our Numismatics vs. Bullion Page

Gold Or Silver For Retirement?

price-chart-comparison-au-ag There’s an age old debate about buying gold versus buying silver. Of course, both have their benefits. The obvious difference is price. If you were to buy one or the other and store it yourself, buying the same dollar amount in silver would require much more storage space since you can buy approximately 63 times the cash equivalent in silver as you can in gold. That means you need about 63 times the storage space for silver. When you are investing in a precious metals IRA, the gold or silver is stored by the company. This means you’d want to ensure the company you choose has top notch security, a heck of an insurance policy, and… especially if you are going for a silver IRA, you would benefit much more from a low flat storage fee rather than a sliding scale fee. These are all reasons why SACDC has ranked and rated the companies in the order represented in the table above, and the top choice was obvious. Click Here To Learn More & Compare Growth Factors

What If It’s Time To Sell Your Gold Or Silver?

When you reach the age where you need to tap into your retirement account, you’re going to need spendable assets. So what if a large portion of your retirement funds are tied up in precious metals like with a gold or silver IRA? You want to make sure you have the ability to liquidate anytime you see fit, but you also do not want to lose money to fees, markups, etc. That is why we recommend a company that offers a “buyback at spot price guarantee”. Keep your assets flexible so you can go from hard to liquid when you choose and at the optimum rate – click here for more info. Don’t lose time or money when the time comes to liquidate all or part of your precious metals IRA. Start smart from the beginning – start with a trusted company that has the lowest fees and offers the “buyback at spot price guarantee”.

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Making a financial decision such as this can be quite daunting and nerve-wracking. It seems like the more research you do, the more advertisements you see, and the more reviews you read, the scarier things seem.

Digging through all of this information can be quite overwhelming, and if you speak to sales reps, you almost never know whether you are getting a straight and trustworthy answer.

verisignIf you are getting quite tired of reading, searching, calling, commenting, etc and you just want your questions answered, contact me directly! I am not a sales representative. If you do not want to leave a public comment here or do not want to wait for a reply, please use the form to the left for an expedited response.

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  1. So when you say that the companies were “voted” in the top 9, do you mean with that poll on this page?

    • Jeroen Waning says:

      Hi Shelli,

      The poll widget is new and we are using it moving forward. We used a different survey company to get a large sample size before posting our results. We like to get as large a sample size as possible so we will be using all data available to us. So when you see the results from that poll widget, those are votes from when after this site was created – not before. BUT we need all the help we can get so please vote!! Thanks 🙂

  2. Chester Bridges says:

    Hello and thank you for this very informative website. I am still perhaps a bit young and naïve for all of this and I do not want to sound ignorant, but I do have a few questions. Do you have to roll over your entire retirement account (which isn’t much yet in my case) or can you just roll over a portion? What is the minimum amount you can put into a gold IRA? Are you able to make recurring contributions?

    • Jeroen Waning says:

      Hey Chester,

      You’re never too young to start planning for retirement! To answer your questions:
      -You can rollover a portion or all of your retirement account or from multiple accounts
      -The minimum is different for some companies but generally it is $5K
      -Yes! If you choose the right company (for example Regal Assets) you can make monthly automated contributions (through online banking) just like a traditional or Roth IRA with similar limitations and minimum requirements
      Sounds like your on the right track!
      Best of luck,


    • Jeroen Waning says:

      Hey Chester,
      UPDATE: I just contacted the IRS, and you can make monthly recurring contributions to a precious metals IRA, or an annual lump sum, totaling $5,500 per year (or $6,500 per year if age 50+) just like a traditional IRA. More on their website here:,-Employee/Retirement-Topics-IRA-Contribution-Limits.

      With respect to taxes and the IRS, it functions just like a traditional or Roth IRA.

  3. Kiki van der Sloot says:

    I just wanted to say that I’m very glad I chose Regal Assets as they went above and beyond for me. My husband and I had several retirement accounts and an old Dutch military pension – what a mess! Jeanette helped educate us about everything and certainly expedited the whole process. She was so friendly and I felt guilty about how much extra work I had created for her, but she was very patient with us and said she was happy to do it. Just FYI for everyone here, a large portion of the process is the responsibility of your IRA custodian, but Regal truly went out of their way to ensure the whole rollover process went seamlessly.

  4. I had been researching Blanchard for my investment and I noticed that they are not listed here. From what I have read, they seem like a great company. Do you have any information about them?
    Thank you,

    • Jeroen Waning says:

      Hiram, that is a great question, and we are currently working on researching them. We hope to have a review about them soon, but there does not seem to be a whole lot of reputable third party information on them currently. For example, if you search “TrustLink Blanchard gold” you will see that there are no customer ratings or comments yet. You can choose the “Other” option on our poll widget to vote for them and that will help us rank them for next year.

  5. Along with other online reviews, your detailed comparison has made the choice very clear for me! Thanks.

  6. Rod Simmons says:

    I am currently using American Bullion but found out on your site that they were potentially charged with fraud. From your site, it is unclear whether American Bullion Inc and American Bullion Exchange are really the same company. On their site, it says that they are NOT the same company, but maybe they started it again under a different name to clear the slate on their reputation. Is there any way you could find out if the two are in fact truly not associated? I am considering switching, but this is a very important factor for me. Other than the questionable fraud charges posted all over the web, they have been a good company and I am happy so far. I just want to make sure I can liquidate if or when necessary without being taken advantage of.

  7. Lucas Reynalds says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say I’m happy I found your website because it seems like only one of very few that is unbiased. I even see some ads from gold dealers saying to watch out for fake reviews but then when you search for the names of those gold dealers you find nothing but fraud and scam information on government websites. I checked all of the well known review sites, like BBB and BCA and your site seems to be the most accurate in reporting the results so I am confident in finally making a decision. I appreciate the transparency and accuracy!

  8. George Z says:

    My name is George and I am in the UK. From your maps information, it seems like all of these are located in California, USA. Do you know if they accept rollovers from UK pension plans? If so, do you recommend an old geyser keep his assets across the big pond or do they offer storage in the EU? Cheers.

  9. The first time I came to your site I got some kind of error on a blank page. Now your site loads fine and is quite fast, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention even though it seems you may have gotten it fixed. I am glad I accidentally came back to it though because I’ve learned quite a bit from reading your articles about the financial crisis which landed me here on this page. I’m not sure if I want to buy gold or silver yet, but if I do, I’ll be back to this site. Also, the price charts you have do not allow me to go all the way up to the day of today. It seems like the gold price has dropped quite a bit since last year so I’m thinking now is a good time to buy but what if it drops even more?

    • Jeroen Waning says:

      Hey Sernan, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced when you encountered the error on our site. We’re constantly trying to improve the performance and user experience, but we should have less hiccups along the way (hopefully I did not speak too soon ;). The question of when to buy gold is probably best reserved for a professional and experienced financial advisor, but even then, it is like asking the weather man what the weather will be like a month from now, 6 months from now, etc. Most of the time their theory is sound and can be very convincing, but often they still end up being wrong… as is the art and science of investing in general.

      However, the significant majority of financial experts do agree that the long-term price trend of gold will continue rise as it has ever since 1971 (when we switch away from the gold standard).

  10. For those of you who are still considering whether gold is a good investment, an old friend of mine had a unique take on it that I would like to share here. He asked, “If you were given a million dollars in your bank account today, but tomorrow you were either randomly transported 300 years into the past or 300 years into the future, what would you do?” Obviously the million bucks wouldn’t exist 300 years in the past if you left it in the bank and potentially it would’ve just disappeared if it remained untouched for 300 years assuming you leaped across time into the future. Cash wouldn’t help you because to people of the past, it would just look like monopoly money and people of the future may not recognize them as official spendable treasury notes. Perhaps they’d have some value to collectors but liquidating a million worth would be quite the hassle. Maybe people would not even use cash anymore due to technological advancement. Anyways, my old friend said the choice is clear for him. He would buy as much gold or silver as a million would get him and store it in a very secure location. The principle of gold as a means of currency hasn’t really changed in several thousand years and why would it going forward?

    Anyways, contemplating this had helped push me off the fence and I feel very confident about having added precious metals to my portfolio. Hopefully it will help some of you make a decision as well.

    Best regards,


  11. Preston Kleens says:

    Great information and nice to read the other comments! I’m glad to see I’ve made the right choice 🙂

  12. McKinley says:

    I highly recommend getting the free investment kit from Regal. It is an excellent perspective on the value of precious metals.

  13. Pete! What an enlightening comment! That’s definitely an interesting scenario to think about. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Victor Hills says:

    I got the free investment kit and I’m reading the Aftershock book that came with it. It’s a great read! I also wanted to thank you for pointing out that numismatic coins aren’t always the best choice for a gold IRA. Just give me pure bullion!

  15. tax planning says:

    Mr Gavin was previously director of asset administration at Commerzbank.

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