Gold IRA Rollover Guide – Convert Your IRA or 401(k) To Gold Or Silver

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This page is a step-by-step guide to outline the entire rollover process from an existing retirement account (such as a 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, 403(b), 457, etc – see all eligible). If you are ready for the rollover process, start here to find a reputable company to partner up with a custodian. If you aren’t sure what a gold or silver IRA is exactly or want to know why it is advocated for retirement security and stable financial growth, read our beginner’s guide first.


NOTE: When we state “gold IRA rollover” on this page specifically, we are referring to either a gold IRA or silver IRA rollover.

Since the 2008 economic crisis and the rise of identity theft, a lot of financial processes, like buying a home, applying for a loan, or even managing your retirement account, have become quite cumbersome as they are fraught with risks and potential for fraud. When considering a gold or silver IRA rollover, please understand that there are several measures you can take to ensure a smooth process and minimize risks or losses.

The Retirement Account To Gold or Silver Rollover/Conversion Process

The following are the steps in order of the average process to the best of our recommendation. Please note that individual processes may vary based on specific circumstances (for example, sometimes a custodian will reject a transfer request because of very minute and simple inaccuracies in provided documentation or filling out the application which causes delays and redundancies on the applicant’s behalf). Providing accurate and complete information promptly from the start will help expedite the rollover process.

The first few steps that require major decisions on your behalf should not be taken lightly.

Step-By-Step Gold or Silver Rollover Guide:

  1. Research and understand the differences between investing in gold vs silver for retirement as different storage fees may apply – start here
  2. Decide which or how much of your retirement account(s) you want to rollovertypes allowed
  3. Know the pros and cons of investing in bullion vs numismatic (collectible) coins as the IRS has strict laws about what is specifically allowed in a retirement account – details – avoid fraud
  4. Review and choose a reputable company to handle your rollover – compare here – our recommendation
  5. Request their free investing kit (if available) to learn about their investment options (there is usually a $10K minimum investment requirement for gold or silver IRAs but can be waived)
  6. Speak to a representative by phone. Ask for a signed copy of their Terms and Conditions and fees disclosure
  7. For a quick and hassle-free process, choose the option for e-Signing and virtual paperwork – offered here
  8. Have the representative help you fill out the application for a self-directed IRA and partner up with a trustworthy custodian – what is this?
  9. When choosing a silver or gold IRA custodian, be sure they: are FDIC ensured, are licensed, meet IRS requirements, are experienced with precious metals, disclose any and all fees. Experienced investors may chose a custodian directly, but in most cases a reputable company will take care of this and present your situation to the best and most trusted custodians that deal with precious metals – use our recommendation
  10. Again, be sure you are choosing assets that are legal in a retirement account (numerous gold/silver coins are not allowed by the IRS) – check here
  11. Be sure the transfer or rollover of your selected retirement funds will be tax-free and not subject to penaltiesavoid common mistakes
  12. Have the representative review and submit the application to the chosen custodian (ensure all details are accurate: account numbers, contact info, etc)
  13. Custodian will reject or accept the transfer (rollover) request. If necessary – make requested corrections and re-submit
  14. Once the gold IRA custodian has accepted the rollover application, the gold IRA custodian will initiate the transfer of funds and purchase the chosen precious metals on your behalf using the retirement account funds you have provided (through a wire transfer)
  15. When the funds have been received, you will receive the invoice and the precious metals will be shipped
  16. Once the precious metals shipment is received, the precious metals will be securely stored and the rollover process is complete
  17. You and the custodian will receive receipts for the IRA purchase
  18. If using our recommended company, you will be able to sell back any or all of your precious metals when you desire with the “buyback at spot price guarantee” – offered here

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Value Growth Of Gold In An IRA (2001 – 2013)

Growth Factor

Value Growth Of A Silver IRA (2001 – 2013)

Growth Factor

NOTE: These values are based solely upon the $33,000 principle investment amount. The IRS allows annual (or monthly) contributions to a gold or silver retirement account as with any traditional IRA account. The same contribution limits apply. This means you are allowed to continue to add precious metals to your portfolio regularly with the same tax benefits.

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