Why Are Billionaires & Wealthy Governments Buying Tons Of Gold Suddenly?


Countries and governments are buying gold. On top of this, the world’s top wealth holders are also investing in gold.

What is the insider secret?

Gold has been a successful unit of currency for over 6,000 years. Since then, its purchasing power has maintained the about the same. For example, if you bought a horse now, it would cost the same as it would have 6,000 years ago… that is… if you had bought it with gold.

Gold and silver are limited resources. Not only are they precious metals to which people are drawn for their use in jewelry and other expressions of opulence, they are heavily used and often required in industrial processes and the production of goods. For example, did you know that the catalytic converter in your car necessitates platinum in order to filter out pollutants from your car’s exhaust in order for it to pass EPA required emissions tests and be allowed to drive on the road? Nothing else works as well.

The circuitry in your mobile phone, as well as in the multi-billion-dollar communication satellites that orbit Earth, need gold and silver because of their low electrical resistance (or high electrical conductivity).

Resources like gold and silver (unlike diamonds and oil) are not produced by the Earth. Yes, they are mined here, but the Earth does not create them.

They are either made by a rare kind of dying star and blasted across the galaxy in an intense process called supernova nucleosynthesis or through the collision of neutron stars. Not every supernova produces gold. Generally, when a star starts producing heavier metals, it begins to die very quickly and dies when it begins to make iron (never reaching gold production as it is an element much heavier and further down the Periodic Table of Elements than iron).

The collision of two neutron stars is even more rare!

It is extremely rare for new gold to be created even in our entire universe, so don’t expect any raining down from the sky anytime soon.

This means precious metals truly are precious because we cannot just make more (unlike diamonds again), and we cannot rely on the Earth to produce more over time. We will run out eventually.

We will run out of petroleum eventually because of the increasing rate of our consumption, but at least the Earth does produce more of it. We just consume it to fast. On the contrary, the only way we can have more gold on Earth than it currently contains is if we receive it from an outside source. For example, if we are struck by a gold-rich asteroid. This is not impossible, but ask yourself, when do you see that happening?

This powerful yet simple piece of knowledge is what drives billionaires as well as average investors add gold to their long-term portfolio and are taking advantage of the IRS-approved gold IRA rollover in order to:

  • Continue the tax benefits they receive from traditional retirement accounts (Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b), etc)

  • Be able to make annual contributions just like traditional retirement accounts

  • Move away from the instability of the fickle stock market and other financial markets (mutual funds, bonds, etc)

  • Become independent of the dying US dollar and hedge against inevitable inflation

  • Avoid the calamity of hyperinflation

  • Leave a tangible legacy that will maintain its worth (as it has for over 6,000 years)

  • Benefit from secure and insured risk-free storage

  • Be able to liquidate their assets into paper currency sell any or all gold back at anytime at spot price with the “buyback at spot price guarantee”

  • Avoid spending money that is needed on a day to day basis on precious metals

  • Leverage the continued growth of gold as there no longer is a Gold Standard backing our dollar (gold was less than $100 per ounce in 1971 – the year the Gold Standard was abandoned)

  • Buy at the lowest price for the period

  • Be able to store gold offshore (e.g. in Singapore)


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